Comar was one of the first builders to use fiberglass in line production. Today Comar’s building system skillfully brings together manual craftsmanship and the latest technologies. The majority of the boats components are custom made in the yard, from the hull to the woodwork and from the flush skylights to the different steel parts. The sailboats produced by Comar Yachts comply with CE regulations and are classified according to the Registro Italiano Navale rules.[/elements_animation]

 The hull
The hull is sandwich built with an Airex core and unidirectional biaxial fiberglass cloth. Stratification is acheved using vinyl resin and foam is glued to the skins in a vacuum. The bull reinforcements are stratified directly on the hull, without using molds, thereby guaranteeing the maximum structural rigidity. The hull is 100% laminated in the bulb, engine mount and seacocks areas. The external layer is finished with white gelcoat. In boats geared for racing the hull can be made in epoxy resin that is then cured at 60 degrees centigrade and structurally reinforced with unidirectional carbon fibre.
 The deck
The deck is in Airex sandwich with biaxal and unidirectional fiberglass cloth, foam is glued in a vacuum. The working and passage ways are painted with nonskid varnish if teak is not requested. Brass plates are installed where the rigging is set to guarantee an optimal performance when in contact with steel pins. The hull-deck joning is done by using structural adhesives and threaded steel pins on brass plates. The gunwale is in teak.
The bulkheads
The structural bulkheads are made of okumè or mahogany marine plywood then paneled in cherry wood. They are laminated to the hull and deck on wide surfaces. In select models structural adhesives may be used to join them with the deck. The pipes go through the waterthigt bow and sterm bulkheads in hermetic tubes. In boats geared for racing the bulkheads can be made in Airex sandwich and carbon fiber that are then consolidated through three vacuum cycles and cured at 60 degrees centigrade.