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The Comet 26 is Sergio Lupoli’s brainchild and aims to complete Comar Yachts’ small boat range. The goal of the Fiumicino Yard is in fact to offer a series of yachts that are small but are excellently built. The sporty, high-performance and fun gamut includes the Comet 21, 26 and 30. The C26 is a part of this range built by Comar Poland, the shipyard Comar Yachts has established in Poland for the construction of these boats. In particular, the Comet 26 aims to be a comfortable small cruiser, very easy to use and with excellent technical content. The sail plan and deck layout are optimized to ensure the boat is fast and responsive when maneuvering, at the same time making certain she is easy to manage even with a family crew. The Comet 26 is easy to use and transport as you can reach the beach thanks to the lifting keel and retractable rudder. The boat’s minimum draft is 50 cm. The foldable mast also guarantees the ease of transport: a well tested block & tackle system allows the Comet 26 to go under bridges not less than 3 meters high, letting you moor along channels and rivers. A second version of the C26 is also available with a fixed keel and a non-foldable mast. Thanks to a notable freeboard and maximum beam of about 3 meters, the Comet 26 offers true cruiser interiors: berths are spacious and comfortable and the galley and head areas are ergonomically designed to be spacious and functional. Hull and deck are solidly laminated using isophthalic resin and fiberglass sheets. With the Comet 26, the goal is to offer a small cruising boat that is truly easy to manage while providing maximum comfort.





  • hull length 7,60 m
  • length with pulpit 8,09 m
  • length overall with pulpit and rudder 8,68 m
  • LWL 6,73 m
  • Maximum beam 2,96 m
  • WL 2,07 m
  • Width transom 2,75 m
  • Freeboard at bow 1,22 m
  • Displacement at half load 1790 Kg
  • Max Draft 1,75 m
  • Draft drift raised 0,80 m
  • Upwind sail area 36,5 mq


Load exponent

  • Sinkage Aumento Disloc. per cm. di imm. 91 Kg



  • CB 0,36
  • Prismatico 0,52
  • Di finezza 6,58
  • Area sez ½ nave 0,69
  • Piano di galleggiamento 0,69



  • Momento Variazione di Assetto 27,70 kgm m
  • MR 1° 33,21 kgm


Rigging and Equipment

  • Mast 9/10 1 1 level spreaders abbattibile
  • Winch sheets
  •  Outboard suggested 10 hp
  • Inboard engine saildrive 13 hp
  • kitchen 2 fuochi
  • Freshwater 100 l
  • Beds 6
  • Liftingkeel meccanico
  • Construction material Fiberglass
  • Shipyard builder COMAR yachts
  • Designer S. Lupoli Yacht Design


  • COMAR yachts


  • S. Lupoli Yacht Design

Indices Performance

  • Slanci di carena 1,17
  • Finezza di carena 0,30
  • Rapporto di zavorra 0,33
  • Dislocamento relativo 5,00
  • Velocità limite teorica 6,60 knot
  • Numero di Bruce 72,8
  • Superfice Velica per tonnellata 21,00 mq
  • Superfice bagnata 8,84 mq
  • Superfice piano deriva 2,81 mq